South-South Information Gateway

Towards Solidarity Development and Prosperity of South Nations

About SSIG


  • To foster better relationships and greater understanding among the South nations;

  • To establish a central depository that will allow the South nations to share information, news and broadcast materials as a way to promote peace, unity, solidarity and shared prosperity;

  • To narrow down the disparities between the information rich and information poor among the South nations;

  • To ensure that the news about the South nations are being reported in a rapid, objective, fair and balanced manner and in accordance with their own perspectives; and

  • To pave the way for other opportunities, which would enhance co-operation among the South nations, following the exchange of news and broadcast materials through SSIG smart partnership


Products and Services


Broadcast materials produced by respective South nations on various topics. Currently available are radio and television programmes produced by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) as well as Malaysia National Film Department (FNM) such as a talk shows, magazines, documentaries, films, trailers and capsules.


Knowledge-generating and information-sharing activities such as a workshops, seminars, forums, roundtables, conferences, exchange of experts and study visits for and among South nations.


A collection of publications, reports, speeches and research papers on various topics by respective South nations. To date, the materials collected include papers presented during conferences and forums as well as country profiles of South nations.


Daily update of news, features and analyses by national news agencies of South nations collated by the Malaysia National News Agency (BERNAMA), from its network of news exchange such as the Organization of Asia Pacific News Agencies (OANA), the NAM News Network and the Smart News Network Internationl (SNNi).