South-South Information Gateway

Towards Solidarity Development and Prosperity of South Nations


1. What is the South-South Information Gateway (SSIG)?

Answer: The SSIG is an Internet portal for South or Developing nations to inform each other and the rest of the world all about their respective nations, Governments, politics, economy, trade and investment opportunities, people, culture, religions, food and tourism. It also acts as a depository and exchange centre for information, news and broadcast materials for the member countries.

2. Why was SSIG established?

Answer: For years, leaders of developing nations had voiced their dissatisfaction over the way their nations and peoples had been reported by the international media. One such occasion was during the Langkawi International Dialogue in July 1999 where leaders of several nations mooted the idea of a new channel of communication between and amongst South nations. Thus, SSIG was initiated by Malaysia to provide this new gateway for direct communication between all developing nations which chose to join the SSIG.

3. What is the mission and vision of SSIG?

Answer: The mission of SSIG is to be a platform for South nations to provide and source for balanced and accurate news and information, and its objective is to be a depository and information exchange centre for member countries.

4. What are the objectives of SSIG?

Answer: Among the objectives of SSIG are to foster better understanding and relationship among South nations, to narrow the gap between the information rich and the information poor, and to ensure that their true voices are heard.

5. Which countries can become the smart partners of SSIG?

Answer: All Developing or South nations can become members of SSIG. This would cover all those members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC).

In addition, the member countries must appoint their official agencies, like news agency, state radio, state TV, or, public affairs department as the lead agency to provide the information, news and broadcast materials to SSIG.

6. Do we have to pay any fees to SSIG?

Answer: At present, SSIG undertakes the news, information and broadcasting materials exchange on a free-willing and free-exchange basis between the partners. It is a non-profit organization and it is set up as a division under the Information Ministry of Malaysia.

7. What benefits can we get for joining SSIG?

Answer: We believe that one immediate benefit is that your country, Government and people would be better known beyond your shores. As the SSIG builds up its data base with more and more contributions from the members, it can develop into an information highway that will allow the member countries to reach a worldwide audience.