South-South Information Gateway

Towards Solidarity Development and Prosperity of South Nations

Smart Partners

Who can become the Smart Partners of SSIG?

Any South nation can be a Smart Partner of the South-South Information Gateway (SSIG).

At present, we have embarked on a partnership drive by calling on a few Embassies or High Commissions of South nations in Kuala Lumpur with an open invitation to their Governments to participate in our SSIG information exchange.


It is up to the Government of each South nation to appoint any of their public information or broadcasting organisation as the “lead agency” to undertake the work of the daily exchange of news, information and broadcasting materials with the other partners through SSIG. They can appoint more than one such lead agency.

The lead agency shall appoint an officer as the “focal point” who shall act as a contact person representing the Smart Partner (that is, the Government) in collating and providing all the printed information, images and broadcast materials to SSIG for exchange with other Smart Partners.

The Exchange of these printed information, images and broadcast materials are on a voluntary basis and they are purely for the sharing of information, ideas and experiences among and between South-South nations with no monetary consideration.

Guidelines for SSIG focal points:

1. All communication between the Smart Partners and SSIG shall be entrusted to the focal points.

2. All focal points shall undertake to provide on regular basis; printed information, images and broadcast materials to SSIG for exchange among its Smart Partners.

3. These information; printed information, images and broadcast materials are to be provided to SSIG on a free willing and free exchange basis between the Smart Partners with no monetary considerations.

4. The printed information like news, important announcements, press statements, speeches, information on trade and investments, features and analyses etc will be posted on the SSIG portal as public domain which is accessible to anyone who logs into the SSIG Portal.

5. The broadcast materials (for TV and radio) such as documentaries, talk shows, cultural or musical programmes, magazines etc are to be exchanged only among SSIG Partners. Each SSIG Partner must contribute some broadcast materials first before they can borrow any broadcast materials from the SSIG depository/library.

6. While the print materials can be sent to the SSIG via the Internet, the broadcast materials can be sent to the SSIG via the diplomatic bags or by couriers at the sender’s expense. The SSIG will send to the “borrower” any broadcast materials requested via the diplomatic bags or via couriers at its own expense.

7. The SSIG will undertake to post on the SSIG portal all information received from the Partners as soon as possible.

8. The SSIG will not edit or change the content of the information received from the Partners but it will reserve the right to reject any information deemed libelous or defamatory.

9. The SSIG will contact the focal point of the Smart Partners should there be any query or clarification needed regarding the information sent.

10.Each Smart Partner shall provide the SSIG with a country profile (including map, photos of the Heads of State and/or Government, picture of the currency) as well as a write-up on the trade and investment policies of the country which shall be displayed in the SSIG Portal.